Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Silk Road

Silk Threads
Marco Polo set out for the east from Venice via the ancient city of Ayas.  Ayas, btw is near Adana, at the mouth of the Seyhan River in modern day Turkey.  The region became an important stop for the silk trade and the Byzantines went over the top as a result. 

Plain silk was an anomaly, in Byzantium everything had pattern or texture and was embroidered with silk or gold threads.  Not exactly Sybil's style, but since Burnt Amber was inspired by a 12th century princess, she had to wear some of it.  Through her lady-in-waiting, we learn a little about the significance of what she wears, each time reflecting Sybil's mood by the color and the details she notices. (Can't spend time on useless details!  Every description has to work double time to be there.) 

Though Turkey is no longer as important to the silk trade, silk fabric is a big part of Turkish style. Top designers today like Vakko still rely on luxurious fabrics and find inspiration in antique Ottoman and Byzantine motifs.

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