Monday, August 2, 2010


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First of all, congratulations to Spain for taking the FIFA World Cup. And happy I don't have to worry about time differences and adjusting my life to match schedules any I'm sure you are, right? Well take it from me, lots of us are.

Now for the serious question - are you Galatasarayli or Fenerbahçeli?

It's a loaded question in Turkey. I'm Galatasarayli myself...I happen to be fond of Arda Turan. Me and all the rest of the Turkish girls :) I can't tell you how disappointed we all were when he came off the market!

Sybil gets good tickets to the Galatasaray Futbol match in their Istanbul stadium. It's an experience to say the least. The atmosphere is charged, with people wearing team colors and girls screaming for their favorites. You get the idea.

At home, most Turkish men are glued to the screen, watching every match. Which is where I will be, going forward.  Free tickets?...nah, I'm comfy right here. You'll understand after you see the video ;)

NB. The fans tend to get excited!

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