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When Eleni was six, she thought The Red Palace was a grand name for the hotel-turned-orphanage that was her new home. At sixteen, she knows moving into the casino's winter dormitory is an opportunity because the theater is just on the other side of the hall. She can smell the old medical books the nurses locked away in there, right before the boys naval academy was built on the next island. Right before the theater and the naval academy became forbidden places.

Now Eleni hopes her instictive healer's touch can hide her friend's nausea, but no one can prevent the birth of a new orphan. Eleni swears to prevent the tragedy from happening ever again, with the knowledge she finds locked up in the theater, even if it's against the law.

When Stepan was six, he thought naval officers were grand, but then every boy is impressed by a shiny sword. At sixteen, his rare blue-eyed genes make him the top pick for a spot at the naval academy, regardless of whether he wants to leave home behind. But every young man has a price for fealty, even if he hasn't met her yet.

THE RED PALACE is YA science fantasy inspired by the Prince’s Islands of Istanbul, and the ethnic minorities who call the islands home. The genetic research and circa 1900 details should appeal to readers who enjoyed FOR DARKNESS SHOWS THE STARS by Diana Peterfreund.

Status: Outlining the stakes, Character discovery, Research, research, research!

The Red Palace
Naval Academy


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