Friday, August 6, 2010


Flowers of a Laburnum tree (L. × watereri or L...Image via Wikipedia
The Goldenchain tree - Laburnum anagyroides

We had one at the gate near our villa in Mersin.  It's weeping form was pretty most of the year but completely smothered in yellow, it was gorgeous. The bekci (gardener) warned me though, every part of it is poisonous. 

I include things like this tree to round out my setting and deliver a subtle message at the same time. Just the name goldenchain takes us half the way... Of course, I'm not the first to use laburnum in the literary sense. Daphne du Maurier used it in My Cousin Rachel....Oscar Wilde in the Picture of Dorian Gray. I already had chains of a sort running through Burnt Amber, so the goldenchain was irresistible.  Golden and chain? Doesn't get any better. 

On the subject of chains: Tarkan, quite possibly Turkey's most famous singer at the moment, has a song about chains - on my playlist btw.  Bu Gece (Tonight) also known as Kir Zincirlerini (Break Your Chains).  It's a bit more racy than most people think a Turkish video would be, but then...I'm writing this blog because there are so many things people don't realize about Turkey that are FANTASTIC! 

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Tarkan - Kir Zincirlerini by Aluxton
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ice-bjorn said...

This is one of my favorite trees. Thanks for an interesting post. BTW, I have only been to Turkey (Kusadasi, Ephesus etc) once, about 25 years ago, but was impressed with the culture, food history. Would love to go back...

Carolyn Abiad said...

There is definitely something about Turkey that stays with you! So much to experience there and I'm always curious to know more. Thanks for commenting.

LTM said...

gorgeous! and you know, this blog is interesting by itself, but once people start reading the book it's going to explode~ :o)

Carolyn Abiad said...

You're the best LTM! I can only dream of those days still ;)


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