Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Vakko Style

Vakko, Turkey’s premier fashion house, is reminiscent of other famous European names. Scarves like Hermes, bags like Gucci and clothing like Christian Dior… All crafted in fine silks or other Turkish materials and uniquely combined into the signature haute couture of Istanbul. I have a weakness for the scarves.

Owning anything from Vakko is a special treat for most, but Turkish socialites find it as necessary as breathing. Sybil has an encounter at Vakkorama, a line designed to appeal to a younger generation.

From Burnt Amber:

I reluctantly handed the dress back to the shop assistant. She was ecstatic, probably getting a nice commission off the sale. Then again, maybe she was new because everything in the store was outrageous.

Yes, everything in the store is outrageous, even for someone earning in dollars.

The story of Vakko is not what you would expect either. Vitali Hakko, the founder of the house was actually Jewish (Istanbul is known for some diversity) and he introduced the idea of Christmas sales too. A very forward thinking man.
You can find Vakko at my favorite online Turkish store: http://www.tulumba.com/

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