Friday, July 16, 2010

Imam Bayildi or The Imam Fainted

Before I lived in Turkey, I never knew what to do with an eggplant besides an Italian style parmagiana, which I couldn't figure out how to make very well.

Breading, frying, baking, ahh!

Easier to get some at the restaurant down the street than spend the hours required to make it too.
And I didn't love eggplant that much -  back then.

I actually LOVE eggplant now. It’s like my Green Eggs and Ham…I like it with my rice…with pasta it’s very nice…

Along with other signature Turkish dishes, I mention Imam Bayildi (translation: the imam fainted) in Burnt Amber, and I explain the story behind the fainting:

“There are two theories…one because his wife used so much olive oil to make it and the other because it was so good. Plus it kind of looks like an imam the way they prepare it.”

Imam Bayildi takes some time to make too, but if you're inclined to try it, here's a link to a good recipe

There are short cuts, like using canned sauce, but the garlic, fresh lemon juice and good olive oil are an absolute must!

And this is a clip of a Turkish lady actually making it. I bake mine off instead of cooking it on the stove, everyone has their preferences. Eat it at room temperature.

Afiyet Olsun!

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