Friday, May 27, 2011

Yerköprü Şelalesi (Landbridge Falls)
Want a refreshing reward for your trek to Alahan Monastery - besides the panoramic view and Byzantine ruins there? Head up the road a bit to the Yerköprü Şelalesi. (Land bridge falls)

I'm a huge fan of waterfalls and I am so inspired by this place. The sheets of moss dripping with white veils of water, verdant ferns and figs surrounding the swirls of crystal water below, the ancient cavern air laced with minerals.... Hmm... Imagine what's lurking in that dark cave.

Me: Wonder to worst case scenario in under two seconds. Probably a good thing - I was heading toward thesaurus rape.

But really, it's magical. Just watch the clip below and you'll see what I mean. can I sneak a scene with this place into my manuscript?

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Sarah said...

I don't know, but you must try--it plays in to your gift for description beautifully! :)

Jules said...

I've waited so long to comment I forgot what I was going to say, Oh yeah!

You thought of evil and I thought of the entrance to paradise. Humm...

Happy holiday :)
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

Old Kitty said...

Oh how beautiful. I could watch and listen all day! Beautiful!!!

I love that you see danger and darkness lurking under all that prettiness though!!

Take care

Carolyn V said...

It's so beautiful!!!

I love waterfalls. We are hiking to one in a few weeks. I'll have to take pictures. =)

Have a great weekend!

Su said...

I love love love waterfalls! Some of my favourite things ever, but I've really only ever seen one in person. Must remedy...

LTM said...

I don't know, but you MUST. It's gorgeous... :o) <3 said...

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