Friday, April 29, 2011

Alahan Monastery

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While Alahan Monastery is too old for me to use in my circa 11th century inspired MS, it is worth taking note of the beautiful architecture. The 5th century building was made by Isaurian stonemasons and is a key structure of early Byzantine architecture.

Technically, I should use the monastery of Trazarg, except I haven't found a trace of it anywhere. Anyone know anything about Trazarg? When I Google it, a bunch of images from my own site pop up. Hmm...

Alahan Monastery is in Mersin's backyard and worth the day trip. Sigh. This is where I shoot the tour guide (Sorry honey, I'm still mad at you.) for skipping it. Did you notice the list of things I did not see in my own neighborhood is getting longer the more I research? Probably not good for my marriage. Again: Hmm..

Anyway, lovely arches don't you agree? Wait till you see the view from the outside. Who cares if you have to walk (an hour?) from Alahan to get there. It's amazing and how many views are there like this? OK - DH objects. There are lots of places in Turkey with an amazing view -that you can drive to- but I wanted to see this one. :(

It's even a UNESCO World Heritage,Tentative Site. See? I'm not the only one who wants to head off the beaten path to find cool stuff. Who's coming with me?

And....last week in my rush to go on vacation, I totally forgot to post the contest results for Tracy Marchini's new e-book: PUB SPEAK: A WRITER’S DICTIONARY OF PUBLISHING TERMS. So without further ado, the winner is......


I loved the all answers about what to do with the exquisite corpse, morticians and ebay auctions alike, but here's the official answer from Tracy's book:

exquisite corpse – A technique for creating art where several collaborators create a piece, but can only see so much of the previous contributor‟s work. For example, one author writes a chapter and gives it to the next. The second author writes a chapter and gives only the second chapter to the third author, who gives only the third chapter to the fourth author, etc.

Now, iff you've got a few minutes, check out this clip of Alahan.

Alahan Monastry Mut-Mersin-Türkiye from umut cor on Vimeo.
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Sarah said...

What a beautiful place! Oh--and I'm almost done with your partial, by the way! I'll get it to you today or tomorrow!

Old Kitty said...

Yay to Jules!! Congratulations!

Oh yes, that view and monastry is definitely worth the hour's walk!!!! I hope you get to see it next time!! Take care

Carolyn V said...

Congrats Jules!

Beautiful pictures Carolyn!

Cacy said...

It looks amazing! Well worth a mere hour's walk. I've walked an hour before and didn't end up anywhere interesting at all.

Deniz Bevan said...

Exquisite corpse! I didn't know about that. I'd love to visit the monastery in Trabzon.

LTM said...

how funny that when you google it your own site pops up! :D you are cutting edge, dahling~

and of course, I'm coming with you! <3

Kevork Joulhayan said...

If you guys visit the monastery.... please try to find head stones for royal families ( princess ) take pictures too ? thx said...

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