Friday, April 15, 2011

Tree House Hotels of Olympos

The past couple of days got hijacked by industry related posts, but today we go back to our regularly scheduled programming. :)

In Turkey, boutique hotels, inns and small establishments like the pansiyon are a popular choice for travellers. I prefer them over large, impersonal hotels because you get much better immersion in local culture. The majority are independently owned, so standard of service varies.

I've found a great resource on chosing a good, affordable option is The Little Hotel Book by Nisanyan. The writers are small hotel owners, and they actually stay in each hotel at some point, so you know the ratings are honest. If nothing else, this bible of Turkish small hotels is an amazing armchair retreat. I've spent many hours daydreaming about my perfect itinerary with it. Online, there are many sites with ratings and recommendations, such as

We've been following the Cilician Pirate thread to Olympos and I thought we'd explore the tree house hotels there. Next week, we'll try cave hotels of Capadoccia and then maybe an amazing place in Datça I've wanted to visit....we'll see where it goes from there.

While a tree house is not the choice for someone who likes plush slippers and towel origami, it has a certain Swiss Family Robinson appeal. Tree house hotels could be part of a really cool family trip, or a nice romantic getaway. (Follower Tracy Darchini says she spent part of her honeymoon in a treehouse hotel and loved it. She also says you can catch a free ride to the chimaera flames with some hotels.) If you're trekking, the Olympos tree house hotels are legendary. Many hikers enjoying the Olympos National Park stay here because it is ridiculously affordable - like 11 Euros ridiculous - and breakfast is often included.

Note: Make sure you book what you expect, especially if you want a room with air conditioning. Also, some of the treehouse hotels are a known for their "no curfew" approach to life, which is awesome, IF you don't need a full night of sleep. But if you're a pirate (from the manuscript in my head), this is a deal you can't refuse!

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Old Kitty said...

I so want to book a room in one of these amazing tree houses now!! Oh if only!! I love this hidden part of Turkey away from the usual touristy stuff!! yay, thank you!! Take care

Sarah said...

I want to go! That sounds so cool. It's been so long since I traveled overseas, but someday ...

Creepy Query Girl said...

omg those tree houses are the things of my childhood dreams! So fun!

Matthew MacNish said...

Wow, that looks so cool! It must be just like being among the elves.

Southpaw said...

How cool. I stayed in a tree house place in Oregon, USA once. It was pretty awesome. I’d love to try a cave.

Theresa Milstein said...

Those little house hotels look charming. I want to take a writing retreat someday.

KatOwens: Insect Collector said...

How cool-- looks super! said...

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