Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Magical Creature Must-Haves

Cover of "The Element Encyclopedia of Mag...Cover via AmazonI know I hit the jackpot when the eleven-year old boy of the house strokes the cover of a book and asks " this for me?"

Yeah. My Borders find of the weekend: The Element Encyclopedia of Magical Creatures by John and Caitlin Matthews. (On the sale rack for $9.99!)

It's in a perilous place right now. As in, I want to read it and the boy has confiscated it while I wasn't looking. It's OK. While he was at grandma's I quickly read the main passsages I needed. And he has to go to school tomorrow. hehe.

But really, many times I've found myself surfing the net, looking for a creature that does such and such, and wishing I had the Monster Book of Monsters to give me a clue. This is that book!

Unfortunately, there aren't that many creatures from Turkey or the Middle East in the volume. I think part of that problem is that the source material is either a) passed down in rote or b) has never been translated. Still, several entries point me in a promising direction and if I find more info, language isn't going to be a barrier.

BTW, it seems there's been an alignment of the planets in regard to writer's guides this week. I read a great post on The Writer's Guide to Psychology over at Sarah Fine's, and I was researching a semi-precious gem on Holly Ruggiero's Writer's Guide to Crystal and Gemstones. Check them out!

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Sarah said...

Magical creatures? Your book has magical creatures in it? Curiouser and curiouser! Thanks for the mention, and now I'm off to look at gemstones--I love Writer's Guides!

Matthew MacNish said...

I usually go to the Creature Compendium for monster references, either that or the Dungeons and Dragons Monster Manual. But then, I'm a total nerd.

Golden Eagle said...

It sounds like a handy book--making up creatures can be fun, but it's also interesting to see what people have thought up before. :D

Old Kitty said...

Yay for encyclopaedias of monsters and mythical creatures!! I'd be grabbing it off you too!!! Wonderful!!!

Take care

Carolyn V said...

An encyclopedia of monsters? That is so cool. I hope you find a great one! =D

Southpaw said...

Thanks for the shout out. Monster are fascinating. I have found one pretty good online source:

Check it out my word verification word is "psychi".

LTM said...

wow! You are a superstar, and I bet there are writer-friends out there who are thanking you for this one!

I'm giggling at YOU giggling over you son having to go to school so you can get your book back... heh heh heh :D <3

Deniz Bevan said...

Ooh, that looks like a great book! I love reading about different mythical and mythological creatures. said...

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