Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Back Pocket Bling

It's true, I sit here, chained to the chair, in my comfy yoga pants most days. No need for fashion at this end of the cul-de-sac, right? Haha. I may not have anywhere to go (right now), but I'd still like to have something nice to wear if say... I want to present myself as a hip YA writer. My Talbots work wardrobe probably counts against me in that category.

Anyhoo, this past summer, my husband's cousin was here for a visit from Paris. So being the diligent, thoughtful host that I am, I spent many days as a shopping spree guide. (Stuff is more expensive in Paris.) As I shopped with her, I visited some places out of my usual SOI (in this case, sphere of income), out of my usual shopping territory, veering into Buckle , and into a pair of Rock Revival jeans. Bling included. (The buttons are ginormous crystals.)

Confession: Wearing them makes me feel like at least ten years younger - which would make me twenty-something. :D

The very next week, this CNN article pops up on my screen : Why Are Moms Dressing Like Their Teen Daughters?  

Hmmm. I don't have any daughters. So why is my cursor going over there Scroll, scroll, scroll.

Damn it. Girls don't like it when we steal there sense of style? We're not supposed to shop in their stores?

What? Like they never take stuff out of their (incredibly stylish) mother's closet anymore? Like a girl could afford these jeans? (<rant> I thought Abercrombie was expensive. The cousin and I spent a good amount of time in there too, but I only got jeans for my son. I wasn't on a spree just for me, you know. Although, why couldn't I be on a spree just for me? I work my derrière off revising and editing and </rant>.)

My point: I do not fit into anything Abercrombie because Ambercrombie is made to fit juniors. For example, if I wore jeggings (perish the thought) I would probably look like something in a bad Youtube video. I do not want to wear my daughter's clothes, but that doesn't mean I need to wear "mom jeans".

To me, the fact that my derrière fits into Rock Revival must mean those jeans are made for women. Yes? No? Maybe? Yet the models in the ads are distinctly younger than I am. Are they really marketing to the twenty-something crowd? When I was twenty-something, I was saving quarters for the laundry and eating Ramen noodles, not buying haute-designer jeans.

Gosh! How does this relate to writing YA?

Here's how: I'm a mom, pushing forty, trying to tap into the YA girl's psyche on a full time basis. I've noticed a bunch of other author/writers are in a similar demographic. Are we reliving our YA  years- without having to actually relive them? *ducks* Why not? The right to such fabulous back pocket bling comes only with experience. :)

Gentlemen, I'll give you an example so you can empathize. When you were little boys, you dreamt of this:

And when you grow up you want this:

2012 Carrera image via
Imagine being a teen and driving a Porsche. Hmmm. Nice, huh? Except what would you have to look forward to later? When you get the keys to your shiny new 911, don't you want to feel like you've earned it?

BTW, on the way out of Nordstrom Rack the other day, I saw a new mom in Rock Revivals pushing a baby carriage. I don't think that daughter was the one who spilled the bling.


Carolyn V said...

CNN can say what they want, but I love wearing things that make me feel younger. Plus writing YA...maybe I haven't quite grown up...but I'm totally okay with that. =D

Matthew MacNish said...

I'd rather have a nicer house than a nicer car. I drive a Honda Civic. I guess I would like a hybrid.

Elana Johnson said...

I don't care what CNN says. I bought my jeans in Lane Bryant, which is for FAT WOMEN. So take that. Teenagers don't even shop there. I'm keeping my bedazzled jeans, and I like them!

Old Kitty said...

Who are these fashion fascists? We are talking clothes, not life or death situations and these people in the article have written essays about clothes shopping.


Bet you look completely gorgeous in your fabulous jeans!! You go Girl!!!! Take care

Natalie said...

When I see an expensive sports car I AUTOMATICALLY think old guy with pouchy gut (and I'm usually right)ha ha. Personally, I like a little bling, but let me know if it's starting to look like cruise wear!

Angela Ackerman said...

I say if you like something and it makes you happy, wear it! But...if you're a three hundred pound man in a bright orange speedo...then in the name of zombies, wear it in the privacy of your own home only. :)


Angela @ The Bookshelf Muse

LTM said...

LOL! You are so darned funny, C. I LOVE those jeans, and I'm older than you. :p

But I do think some ladies take it a bit too far. I think w/age comes a little fashion sense. And I heard some adage a while back about "if you wore it before, don't wear it again." As in, "if this is how you dressed as a teen, don't wear it as a mom of teens."

I think that's a good rule~ :D <3

Anonymous said...

OMG! OMG! OMG!!!!! I don't believe my eyes!!!!! LOL!!!! You ROCK in those jeans!

Anne said...

Hmm, never thought of myself as the bling-y type, but find myself not minding it much these days. Good on you! said...

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