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He has a new album this year - Aşk ve Gurur (Love and Pride) (2011), yet Teoman, beloved and troubled musician that he is, has decided to leave the music business. Disillusioned.

He wrote his concerned fans a letter explaining his reasons. This is his official statement:

‘Dear friends,

 I leave music for a very, very long time, or probably, never, never to return. The concert in Berlin on September 3 will be my last.’

In his farewell letter, he says not all of his songs made it to a recording studio. I wonder how much of his authenticity has been censored out of existence. Perhaps the nature of his musician's soul is simply more angst than anyone could handle.

Good luck to him.

Teoman is known for his acoustic rock, which is pretty tame, but my favorites have a little bit more of a fatalistic edge to it. Like the man himself.

Kupa Kizi Ve Sinek Valesi (Queen of Hearts and the Jack of Clubs) is one that I listen to the most.

Content warning: This is an animated clip, but there are scenes with a woman in the shower, in bed, etc. Little bit more than PG-13.

We were destined to each other by a card fortunetelling,
she was the beautiful queen of hearts, me being the jack of clubs..
That thursday by midnight I've met her by chance over the bridge,
I told her not to cry, but she kept on crying so far as she stepped down the banisters.

Is your hair soaking wet or the life is itself wet?
Does the wind always carry along rain within for you?
Are you gazing at the space or are you bored of the questions I've asked:
Does this autumn never ever leave your eyes behind?

Let you be a snowflake to perch on the tip of my tongue,
Be a snowflake to melt in my mouth...

She was dripping wet, she got undressed, touched my body
she found my living cells in my little coarse skin...
I was happy as she fell asleep I clasped her on my arms,
as she wandered in her sleep all those unknown names laying down all naked...

I was proud in my dream, " I've known it from the beginning" I murmured,
the card fortunes are surrprisingly meant to be something to believe in...
Then I woke up and froze imn wonder staring at the writing left on my misty glass by almost a ghost finger:

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One that I listen to before I write for Sybil:

Senden Once, Senden Sonra (Before You, After You)

these screaming aloud waves
and gloomy beautiful gulls
keep crushing into wind
and (they) come to fill in my heart.

I'm alone on the edge of the cliff
between the life and death.
all my life passes away
under my feet.

how many more bodies should I have
to forget you?

before you, after you...

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Old Kitty said...

I can't listen to the music as I'm at work but the lyrics are so sad! Awwww! Why is he actually leaving music? I hope it's not for too long - a musician's heart can never be silenced!! I hope he re-considers! Take care

Jules said...

Man, those are some sad lyrics. Blogger must be censoring my videos again, I really should tell them I am over 18. :)
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

LTM said...

darn. Can't listen to the songs, BUT! It sounds very cool. And I've heard over and over about musicians being disgusted with the handling of the record industry. Sounds like there's pain in every realm~ :D <3

Carolyn V said...

Wow. He's just up and leaving? That's so sad, but there must be a deep reason why he is. I think it would be hard to leave your dream job behind. said...

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