Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Monster Mash Blogfest

Linen ClosetImage via WikipediaRoh Morgon is hosting Monster Mash all this week, so I came up with a little something....

I know where he is. He's in the linen closet next to the guest bedroom, with all the crafty things I never have time to finish. Whenever I walk past, his icy fingers reach out after me and a chill races up my spine.

The cat scratches at the door sometimes, as if she too knows he's hidden in there. I hope my kids don't find out. If I ignore him, maybe he'll decide to go haunt someone else's closet, but deep down I know he's waiting for me...only me.

Some nights he rattles around so loud that I can't sleep. Then I lie awake and pity him, his hard skin imprisoned under layers that bind, bleeding puddles of black, tangled up in promises unkept. He torments me and we are both frozen in time, until someone frees me in the morning.

It goes on like this for weeks, months...and then I've had enough of his demented moaning. Like the dumb blonde in a horror film, running toward destruction instead of away, I open the closet door.

He's there, quiet, anticipating my next move.  Loose ends catch hold of my arm while his vile, ink-soaked strips seek to bind me, dragging me into his immoral embrace. I struggle, grasping the widest piece covered with rambling prose and pull desperately 'til I feel his weakness. Then I think I'm stronger, but when I finally unsheath his depraved grin, I can't look away. My knees collapse under me and I fall for the villain I love to hate. Every time.

So fellow writers, how do you draft your villains?

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J.C. Martin said...

Very interesting monster. I start with one question with my villain: "Why does he/she do what he/she does?" and start from there.

Jules said...

I'm demented and just see the evil in full blown color.

Btw, remind me I never want to stay in your guest bedroom :D
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

LTM said...

oh, Carolyn!!! I almost couldn't read this post. When I was a little girl, I KNEW there was an old lady in my closet at night. I just knew it. I'd go to bed w/my covers clutched at my nose and stare at the door til I dropped... not sure when I finally stopped thinking that... I think when I finally switched bedrooms! LOL! :D

Unknown said...

Very good post. I try to do the same as you. I try to fully understand what he/she does and try to get into their heads. But writing what you don't want to face is much scarier.


MC Rogerson said...

Great piece. It's the gaps that create the most fear, the 'what ifs'. I agree with J.C. - my villains always start with WHY?

Christopher said...

i just make my villains do what i think about doing instead of what i actually do

wait that makes me sound scary

Southpaw said...

Nice. I don't really draft them, they just come.

N. R. Williams said...

Haunting and well written. I like your ghost mummy. I posted my monster story on Friday and have been making the rounds in between grandchildren and mom's carving pumpkins.
N. R. Williams, fantasy author

roh morgon said...

Ah...I missed your entry. Glad I'm double-checking the list!

I really like this. In fact, I read it twice.

It's eerie how characters can hover, haunting us until we give in and write their stories. The villains are especially good at this, promising us delicious rewards if only we'll breath life onto the page for them. And once we give in to them, they have us, addicting us to their depravities and the thrill of just being bad.

Nice story.

Thanks for bringing your 'closet villain' to the Monster Mash - I enjoyed meeting him!


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