Friday, July 23, 2010

Istanbul Restaurants

Choosing which restaurants to include in Burnt Amber was difficult. There are so many good ones in Istanbul that I had to narrow it down by proximity to Bebek, the area where Sybil and Haydon both live. I also didn’t want a stereotypical Turkish restaurant which might conjure images of belly dancers and wandering sultans. Turkey certainly has plenty of them, for tourists. Sybil’s Istanbul shows us a more cosmopolitan view of the city.

Featured in chapter one, Lucca’s varied menu might include tapas, pappardelle with duck or local sea bass with lemon. It’s a modern hot spot where Istanbul society goes to see and be seen. And it has a great location right near the water.

Here’s a link to a recipe for the snapper/sea bass.

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LTM said...

I LOVE your blog. All the pictures and videos and descriptions are fascinating and beautiful! good stuff~


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