Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Marid Mavi

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You all know Mavi means blue from my post about the evil eye...but did you know blue is an important color in Burnt Amber?

One of the reasons is the association with the most powerful djinn, the Marid. They are creatures of the sea, associated with a sapphire talisman and often portrayed with blue skin or in the form of a porpoise. Much like Neptune or Poseidon, they are also masters of the weather, wrecking ships and causing chaos when they are unhappy about something.

…the sudden squall descended on us like a tornado, tossing the 34 foot boat around like a bath toy. Burnt Amber, Chapter Six

Marid are arrogant, proud and difficult to bind because they are so strong. Their enemies are the dark djinn, or Ifrit, which I’ll discuss next week. Marids of Cilicia control the Ifrit and keep them from crossing into the human world…for the moment anyway.

I use this information as a base for djinn abilities, but not djinn appearance. There are no blue-skinned people running around in my book. I think we had enough of those this year in Avatar :)

Marid can also be found in video games, the Japanese manga YuGiOh and the Ars Magica roleplaying game.
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LTM said...

have I mentioned I'm LOVING these bkg posts? So helpful and interesting! And I've started on the book--love the feel. Can't wait til I've got bigger blocks of time to really get into it! Next week the girls go for a g'rent visit, and I plan to get a big portion (if not all) done... whee! :o)

Carolyn Abiad said...

Thanks LTM!

Now if I can just get my query to be as interesting I'll be getting somewhere! Also..I joined Networked Blogs after I saw it on is amazing! I get almost all my traffic from there.

I'm on Chapter 5 of your MS...hope to get another 5 done tonight. (My kids are older, more me time:))


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