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Emma Watson as Hermione Granger
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What happens when you write parallel worlds? You, your MC, and your readers select a favorite....and then you have to deal with the one left behind. To be sure, there must be some good in the universe you started with, for example, a loved one...unless you subscribe to the usual theory of high mortality rates for parents and caregivers in YA fiction. Barring that convenience, how do you explain away a character's entire world?

JK Rowling has an answer. (Doesn't she always?)


For me, the best of scene of Harry Potter 6.5 was a Hermione moment. The one where she "Obliviates" her parents. In one selfless, excruciating minute, she removes herself from their memory, wiping her image from every photo, so they won't mourn if she never returns. (It's a trick I wish I could use for my MC, but never will.)

Hermione's fix only works on the people left behind though, not the character doing the leaving. But I suppose she could siphon off her memories and store them for the Pensieve....(Another JK Rowling gem!) Better save a back-up file for those.

In fact, I think switching universes is a bit like switching software programs. Except when you have too many applications open, things start crashing (laundry backs up and plot holes expand). Trade universes for countries or states and you'll see many people deal with the dilemma on a regular basis. The price of being a Pomegranate...

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Jules said...

Hum, not a Potter fan so I have no idea about the scene but there definitely are some people I would love to remove myself from their memory :)
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

stu said...

One of my characters has a big book of forgetfulness spells, which is almost the same thing. Or would be, if he could ever remember where he put it.

Elena Solodow said...

That was one of my fav scenes too. So heartbreaking!

Old Kitty said...

Would this concept be the same as the "what if" a la It's a Wonderful Life? You know what if you never existed but only you remember and no-one else does cos you never existed? I do like this concept and hope it;s a pomegranate one! Take care

Carolyn V. said...

That was such a sad scene! But I am always amazed at JK's incredible imagination for even thinking it up! =)


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