Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Kına - Henna

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I've never had the chance to use kına in my writing, but an opportunity just arose. I have a girl being sent off to the palace. :)
In the middle east, women adorn themselves with henna for holidays and special occasions, or even just to feel pretty. In Turkey, the custom is usually reserved for weddings now.

This is a more elaborate design than I've seen there. It might just be a case of where I lived though, since I snagged this off a Turkish website. The version I saw was basically a finger dipped up to the knuckle, or a blob placed inside the palm. Very basic.

Since I like the concept of the designs left behind, I'm thinking to use henna in a more modernistic way, but the details haven't worked themselves out yet. Stay tuned for the rough draft!

I used to use henna when I lived in Abu Dhabi. I still have some in my makeup case. There it was no big deal. Here: You should see the look on people's faces when I open my hand. Hehe. I guess I'm not as conservative as I pretend to be.

Henna lasts about two weeks on the hands. I don't like to get it on my fingernails because it takes forever to grow out. On the foot, designs can last for months.

Henna in the hair is another post.... I have a cute story for that one.


Old Kitty said...

Aren't they just gorgeous?!? They're gorgeous!! I love them - I love seeing them too - beautiful!!

Take care

Sarah said...

Beautiful--and I definitely want to read the Henna in the hair post. So please write it.

Matthew MacNish said...

It would take quite the steady hand to make the one in the photo.

Connie Keller said...

I tried to do a henna design on my feet once, but it didn't work. I guess I need a pro to do it.

prerna pickett said...

I'm Indian and grew up with Henna. My sister and I had our hands done for our weddings as well. It's so much fun. And the designs are beautiful.

LTM said...

very cool. You know Rayna/Natasha does henna designs. She had some pictures on her blog before, and it's so elaborate and beautiful. Like wearable lace or something. Wonder why it lasts so much longer on the feet...

Can't wait to see your next post~ :o) <3

KatOwens: Insect Collector said...

These are so beautiful. I love it. I've always wanted it done. Can you imagine being skilled enough to make that? Gorgeous photo- thanks for sharing.

Michael Offutt, Phantom Reader said...

I think that Henna would make a good name for a protagonist in a fantasy book. said...

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