Monday, September 19, 2011


via, image credit: Nevit Dilmen
Zeugma can be three things:

1) Literary terminology (from the Greek: ζεῦγμα, zeûgma, meaning "yoke") A figure of speech describing the joining of two or more parts of a sentence with a single common verb or noun. A zeugma employs both ellipsis, the omission of words which are easily understood, and parallelism, the balance of several words or phrases. The result is a series of similar phrases joined or yoked together by a common and implied noun or verb. Source: wikipedia
There are distinctions for specific versions: prozeugma, mesozeugma, hypozeugma, diazeugma, etc.

2) An ancient Roman city
3) A Mosaic Museum in Gaziantep, Turkey.

Three guesses on which one I'm interested in. And you're right either way. It's all interesting to me.

But those eyes want to tell me a story and I'm almost in spinning mode, so I'll write down a few notes, then plunk them into my snowflake when I'm ready. I have a character who might make good use of them.

In the meantime, if you're heading to Gaziantep, I suggest you stop in and visit her. And her friends. Apparently, Zeugma is now the largest mosaic museum in the world.

Yay Turkey!

Zeugma draws record visitor numbers on first day Hurriyet Daily News


Old Kitty said...

Well I've learned a new word today and it begins with a "z"! How cool is that?!?!?!

And what an amazing city of mosaics! Hooorah for the success of the museum in preserving this wonderful find!

Take care

Carolyn V said...

I would love to see a mosaic museum! How cool would that be!

LTM said...

I LOVE mosaics. In fact, Novel #3 was named Mosaic. Gorgeous~ :o) <3 said...

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