Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day
It's Labor Day here in the US, so no official post today, but I thought I'd point you in the direction of some interesting reads about Turkey.

First, check out what the Telegraph has to say about Istanbul:  Istanbul, Turkey: Old city, new spirit

Then, scroll through very some nice pics of the Aya Sofya here: Exploring Istanbul — The Ayasofya RambleCrunch

Pedal power is sweeping the streets of the Old City: Ready to tour historic peninsula with bicycles? Hurriyet Daily News

And finally, if you're into indie films, click this one:
Turkish film sweeps awards at NY festival Hurriyet Daily News

Enjoy the long weekend!


Matthew MacNish said...

Happy Labor Day, Carolyn!

Old Kitty said...


Oh wow - lots to read and immerse myself into all things Turkish!! Yay!!! Thanks - I'm salivating already!!!! Take care

LTM said...

ah, Labor Day. We rambled around downtown Indy. And had a funny thought of you this weekend--the whole Greek-Turkey animosity came up at a friend's this weekend. Our big Greek friend invited us to Greek fest this weekend, and my silly husband + friends announced they were very sorry. Headed to the Turkish fest. They are very silly~ ;p


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