Wednesday, September 7, 2011


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être et durer. to be and to last.

Parkour isn't the only thing the motto fits. My goal is to "be" a writer and to have my publications "last" on the shelf.  You?

But back to parkour - aka PK - my inspiration for battle technique study this week. If you watch the clip below, you'll see a lot of graceful moves which mere mortals such as myself can only dream of doing. However, it's what Ryan Doyle says that caught my attention.

"I have to replay the situation over and over in my head until I get familiar with it," says he.

I says: Hmm. That's kind of what I need to do when I finally write a scene down. Visualization is a requirement in my art too. How many times do you replay a scene before it's right? Do you move around in the space? Experiment with perspective? That's something I learned to do as a gardener, but conveniently applies to writing.

Ryan also mentions that, with efficient thinking, he can do parkour for the rest of his life. I believe he means in his head. Which is good, because it's the only place where I can do it. :)

Anyone know why a pigeon would do a backflip? The pigeons in this clip are doing the backflip. My guess is they were drinking some of Ryan's Red Bull, but he seems to think they do it all the time. ?

Ryan Doyle in Mardin:

Other places I've seen and admired PK:
Apparently, Taylor Lautner is going to try some Matt Damon-style PK in his new movie Abuduction, out in theaters this month.

Here's the trailer, with a few seconds of PK featured at the end. I'm hoping the movie has more.


Matthew MacNish said...

You should check out the Video Game: Mirror's Edge. The whole premise is basically based off Parkour.

Carolyn V said...

Wow. That would freak me out a little. =)

Old Kitty said...

Awww pigeons are brilliant! They have to be so excellent with their flying skills to evade predators! I remember watching a wildlife film and the camera man filming a falcon going for a pigeon was saying how much as the falcon gets all the credit for being so superb in flight - the pigeion was matching all its moves and then some! Yay for pigeons! Sorry - I think pigeons get such a bad press but they're absolutely superb birds! Off I go now to lie down! Take care

Anne said...

Enjoyed the video. The pigeons were amazing!

Deniz Bevan said...

I like the way you phrased that - I'd love to 'last' on the shelf too!

LTM said...

wow. I always learn something here, and I wonder if it's b/c you have boys... LOL! I do love that motto, thought, and I guess I do move around scenes. A lot! I never really realized it, though. hmm... :D <3 said...

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