Monday, January 31, 2011

Ferhat Göçer

I was watching American Idol the other night and a Harvard grad/White House intern belted out some lovely lyrics. She's beautiful too. Tall and skinny, long blonde hair...guys better line up for this girl. (But you're too intimidated, I know! Excuses...)  My point...some people are lucky in more ways than one.
Ferhat Göçer is another one of those people. If I need to be sick, I want him to be my doctor, because the sound of his voice would just make it all better!

A little bio about him:

He was born in Sanliurfa (way out in eastern Anatolia, off the radar so-to-speak). He graduated from Istanbul University with a medical degree and went back to Sanliurfa for his residency. When he finished, he headed to Istanbul as a surgeon at Haydarpasa Hospital. Not bad for a kid out of Sanliurfa, I tell you.

But he also has a degree from the State Conservatoire for his voice. His style blends east and west, with folk music playing a big part in his work. In October 2005, he released his first album, showcasing his special blend. I'm happy to say I was able to buy his latest on iTunes.

I've got all of his music. In fact, one of his songs was on my playlist for Burnt Amber. I'll translate the lyrics, because I can't find a good one anywhere:

Cennet - Heaven

What's it to me, if the world ends
If it's going to end, let this road of life come to an end
I have no fear, inside I'm full of satisfaction
I lived love with you for a lifetime
Even the lines on my face are named after you
You are the reason for every breath
If I come back to this world my love
I will look for you and find you again
I wouldn't trade heaven for one strand of your hair
I'll love you as long as my life allows

Ferhat gocer - cennet
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It's a little tricky translating the specific turns of phrase he used, like living love, but I hope you get the idea. (If you scroll down to the bottom of the page, I have a widget and this song is there too.)

And that part about coming back to this world to find her...yeah...that's Haydon :)

In this, case the lyrics happened to fit my story, but sometimes it's the other way around.  Are there specific lyrics that inspire you to write? Or do you just use the sentiments from a song?

In the housekeeping department...
The new blog schedule is M-W-F, posting at 6 am. :)

See you Wednesday!

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Old Kitty said...

Oh I must listen to him when I get home (am at work!) He looks like a dreamboat - an artist and a doctor to boot!! Lovely!! Oooh and if he sang these lyrics to me - swoon!!!

I tend to listen to the melody first before the lyrics! Take care

Jules said...

Well actually the lyrics are the main reason I like a song. If I cannot identify with the words then I don't care about the tune. :)
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

LTM said...

ahhh... I love LOVE love those little poem bits you have before each chapter. And this: "Even the lines on my face are named after you"--gorgeous~

:o) Great response on Q3E. I'm expecting big things! xoxo <3

Ayak said...

I love that song. He has the most beautiful voice doesn't he?

Unknown said...

Yes he is hot and cool to boot! I totally use lyrics for my writing.

Talli Roland said...

He's gorgeous! And those lyrics are wonderful, too. I don't think lyrics have ever inspired me, but his might!

Green Monkey said...

beautiful voice and "easy on the eyes"... BUT

Am I the only person on the planet irritated by the Harvard grad/blond beauty/white house intern/singer? she has wayyyyy too much going for her. I'm a firm supporter of the underdog.

Hart Johnson said...

Those are great lyrics... almost isn't fair to have someone get so many gifts! i love lyrics, but tend to find my inspiration in much darker tales. My stories often include love, but it is of a more subtle sort and definitely only subplot.

Anonymous said...

hello Carolyn,
I have enjoyed reading your blog..which I am not sure how I stumbled upon. I left Istanbul less than 2 weeks ago having spent 3 there and deciding maybe this is where I will transplant from Connecticut. I stepped up my writing on my first blog while in Turkey and have decided to continue. (still a newbie on all the blog etiquette) Something about that land that moved me...and perhaps not just mentally or spiritually in the end! Thank you for your content. It will help me stay connected till I return : )


p.s. are you still in real estate and in Istanbul? Hmmm. (or know an English speaking rep?)

Colene Murphy said...

MMmm he IS nice to look at! Couldn't say his last name if you put a gun to my head but whatever.

Carolyn V. said...

I've never heard him before, but he has such a great voice!

Vicki Rocho said...

Mmmm. There are certain voice (pitches?) that mesmerize me.

As for songs inspiring me, it's hit and miss. Sometimes I *hear* the lyrics better than others, I guess.

Carolina M. Valdez Schneider said...

Oh my, talent, wisdom, and good looks! This guy has it all!

I'm often inspired by music--sometimes the lyrics, sometimes just the sound. But sadly, I can't actually listen to music and write at the same time!

Robyn Campbell said...

Beautiful voice. I agree with Carolina. All that she said. UH-HUH. ;)

I don't write as I listen to music, but music has been known to inspire some of my great works.

Thanks for the visit and follow over at my blog. I'm very glad to know you.


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