Monday, December 17, 2012

The Basketball Legend of Turkish Airlines

FIBA 2010
More basketball?

Well... My brain is inundated with it - practices, scrimages, games, NBA2K13, personal training, and even a non-fiction book or two.  Here though, everything should have something to do with Turkey. Yes?

So. Kobe Bryant. Big NBA star. Plays for the LA Lakers.

What could he possibly get out of an association with Turkey?
(Answer: A very nice deal $$$.)

The connection probably never crossed Bryant's mind either, but I suspect the 2010 FIBA World Championships had something to do with him taking a closer look at the opportunity. The tournament was held in Turkey, with Turkish Airlines as an official sponsor.

Afterwards, the top Turkish team, Beşiktaş wanted Bryant- and reportedly had a 50% chance of getting him during an NBA lockout. That didn't work out in the end, but it wasn't THE END of his connections to Turkey either. Bryant inked a two year contract to endorse Turkish Airlines. On TV, in print, digital.

Here's his first clever commercial:

(Also starring soccer star Lionel Messi, who is worth a whole 'nother post.)

The FIBA-flagged THY plane:

Update: TIME Sports picked up the story on 12/21.


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Michael Raymore Is still doing it right baller...

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Michael Raymore Vancouver Wa. Basketball


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