Monday, December 24, 2012

I'm still here...

Şirince, Turkey
 ...telling the tale of two villages and the apocalypse that never happened.

In Bugarach, France, Dec 21, 2012 hit hard. The mayor begged doomsday UFO seekers to leave his village in peace. Police then barricaded the roads, and camera crews were the only unusual sight at the top of that particular peak of the Pyrenees.

Further east, the Mayan calender was a publicity bust for the Ottoman village of Şirince, Turkey. Inns of the area booked to capacity, wait-listed people even. The 600 residents prepped all sorts of goodies, to no avail. Everyone banked on the new age claim that a sort of positive energy exists in the rocks there, creating a haven from the apocalpyse. (A ley line, perhaps?) Surely, if Noah escaped the flood, somebody can escape the (insert whatever you thought was coming)!

Not buying it?

There is one other possible reason to book a room in Şirince. Nearby, the house of the Virgin Mary might be the most direct route to heaven.

The Vatican doesn't confirm or deny that the Assumption happened there, but since Saint Anne Catherine Emmerich had a vision about it, pilgrims have sought out the small shrine. Many leave a written prayer on the wall outside.

I wonder what Mary would think about all this Mayan business?

Wishing Wall
The bad news: Village winemakers will have to drink their "Wine of the Apocalypse" another day.
The good news: Santa still knows where to find me. (You know he's from Turkey too, right?)

Happy Holidays!

Şirince village readies for ‘Doomsday’ events
Şirince misses crowds on Dec 21 ‘doomsday’


Old Kitty said...

I do hope Santa brings me some of that apocalyptic wine!! Spent yesterday in a most fabulous Turkish restaurant and the red wine (full bodied shiraz) were beautiful!!

Happy Christmas!! Take care

Carolyn V said...

lol. Awesome post Carolyn! I hope you have a very Merry Christmas!!! ;)

Unknown said...

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