Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Kundalini Rising

chakrasImage via Wikipedia Tradition says djinn are created from smokeless fire. I've even read they are "the fire of a scorching wind" so I made fire and energy a big part of being a djinn. Then I needed to figure out how to tame that energy.

My solution stems from Kundalini Yoga. Yogis who practice Kundalini energy management strive to ultimately free their souls from their bodies. They use the The Third Eye  to reach the superconscious through spinal energy centers called the chakras.  

The philosophy is shared by world religions using different names. The strongest example is Plato's explanation of psyche in his work Timaeus, but its also found in Sufism, Kabbalah, and Eastern Orthodox Hesychasm.

Kundalini is represented by a coiled sleeping serpent or goddess at the base of the spine. Years of training are required to awaken it. If the energy is released improperly, the Kundalini Syndrome, may result. This negative experience reportedly results in uncontrollable physical and mental impulses which resemble psychosis. Kundalini Rising is the positive experience of uncoiling the serpent in the form of energy, either creative or sexual. The energy follows the spine, up through each Chakra, from the sacrum to the crown of the head. 

Sybil struggles with her energy while she is human and learns to use it as a djinn. Kundalini rises when she finds balance. Talk about character arc!

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LTM said...

supercool Carolyn! That's a really neat component of the book, too--now I understand it better~ :o) <3

Carolyn Abiad said...

LOL - writing these posts helps me clarify my own thoughts! Who knew?

Anonymous said...

Where did you originally find the first picture above? I had a very similar vision in a yoga class last night, and I would love to know the origin. Thanks!!

Carolyn Abiad said...

I found it on a google image search, and this .com offers a CD with the same image on the cover.


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