Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Binding a Djinn

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This post comes with a strong "Do Not Try This At Home" warning.  Not saying I believe this stuff, only that it's out there and, well, it's better not to be fooling around with it.

There's a method to binding a djinn. You need a talisman. The best is a precious stone, though there are other things you can use, bottles, lamps, rings, etc... But first you need to summon the djinn.  To do that, you need a piece of the djinn, like some hair (which he conveniently left for you the last time he stopped by for tea) and you need to know its name (because you're on a first name basis, ya know). I'm thinking the rarity of these two things is why most stories start with the djinn already bound.

If you're a djinn, binding is definitely not a good thing and most of them are not going to be happy about it. Read: pissed off like you wouldn't believe and therefore dangerous.  They make most vampires and wizards look tame. Which is why you need the Ceremonial's supposed to protect the summoner, but I wouldn't be caught in one if I were you. Lots of stories about botched summoning, very icky results. So go play Final Fantasy or YuGiOh instead and summon a djinn over there :)

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LTM said...

LOL! Excellent post--last time he was over for tea... would that be Haydon??? ;p

Carolyn Abiad said...

You know, that's why he doesn't use his real name. Maybe I should clarify...argh! edits!!!


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