Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Sounds of Summer

Bodrum at Night
I'm stressed. I sent out four queries last week, submitted an R&R, and somehow got myself into a writing contest. All of which require waiting for a response.

So I cleaned the house.

The blinds. The windows. The floors.
The leaves on the ficus tree in the living room.


I. Am. Stressed.

To decompress, I thought I'd look up some music for today's post. Lol.
Guess what? That makes me sad because I want to be in Turkey listening to this music.

Summer releases are high-energy pop songs designed to keep Istanbulites and Euro tourists out clubbing all night. Sigh. Who am I kidding? I haven't been to a club in...

Forgive the Eeyore moment.

Erdem Kinay, who is something like a Turkish David Guetta, has a bunch of songs racing up the charts this year that will likely be on all the club playlists.

Here's a new one from Emina Jahovic feat Eredem Kinay - BROKEN, and it's in English. (She's actually Serbian, married to Turkish musician, Mustafa Sandal. She also looks something like Penelope Cruz.)

Hey! She's wearing my new summer nail color. (Now You Sea Me, L'Oreal ;))
Anyway, the top song in Turkey right now is also from Erdem Kinay. It features Demet Akalin, who is a star in her own right. ROTA is full of repetitive lyrics that even a non-Turkish-speaking girl can repeat, if heard often enough - as in, all night long.



Sarah said...

Aw, Carolyn--you're waiting for a lot of things! Hang in there, and I hope you get some wonderful responses! Good luck!

Jennie Bennett said...

Music always helps me when I'm stressed too!

Southpaw said...

Hang in there. Stress sucks. Good luck with the queries, R&R, and the contest - whew, you've been busy.

LTM said...

Yep! Those are GREAT tunes for destressing! I love them! And wow. You've got a lot in the "pending" category. I always hate that... but look how productive you're being--LOL!!!

Here's hoping nothing but great news for you, my friend! ((hugs)) <3

KatOwens: Insect Collector said...

Houses have to be cleaned sometime, right? I love learning about pop music from other places. It can still be so regional/national-- and few things are anymore. Very cool!

Matthew MacNish said...

That all sounds like good news to me, Carolyn! Good luck. said...

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