Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Made in Turkey

dick's sporting goods
As a mother of two boys, I've been lucky to escape the fashion must-haves some other women go through with their daughters. My boys just throw on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, and off they go. This means I can usually browse the clearance racks and they are none the wiser. When they hit middle school, they opened their eyes to brands, and now I have to stray a little farther to buy what they want. Still, no big deal. I usually get stuff on sale. They get their swoosh, or three stripes.

And then one of the boys started basketball.

Three words: Nike Elite socks.

Cut to the scene -

I'm looking at track pants for my dear husband when my son tugs on my sleeve. He's telling me how the Nike basketball socks he's holding are extra squishy, and super nice, and really cool. And his friends have a pair in every color. Sometimes they even wear two pairs together. Then he pulls the trigger.

"They're made in Turkey, Mom."

As in, not made in China, or Bangladesh, or Indonesia, or some other esia. He knows I would gladly pay more as long as the label says: Made in USA, or Made in Turkey. And therefore we should pay $14. (Seems he's been paying attention to my purchasing trends.)

I remember wanting stuff as a kid, so I can't blame the boy for wanting these socks. They are really cushy. They do look kind of cool. He's only requesting an orange pair to go with his uniform. (Seems even he knows you can get six pairs of regular ones for $14.)

Alas, the boy is holding a blue pair. Off we go to find the sales clerk. Surely, there are more orange socks in the back.

Sigh. Some of you might remember my facebook post plea for help about the elusive orange Nike Elite socks? They've gone extinct, that's what! I challenge you to find a pair for your kid.

We settle on the blue pair. It matches his uniform well enough.

On the way out the door, my sons says, "Maybe we can find some online? My birthday is coming up." Wink, wink.

I guess. They are made in Turkey.

PS: He can still use a black pair. ;)


Sarah said...

Ah, he's very clever. And those are ... interesting looking socks. :)

Old Kitty said...

Your boy is adorable!! Hope his birthday wish comes true! Yay! Take care

Matthew MacNish said...

Nike is the evil empire, and I'm sure even in Turkey they know how to abuse workers.

Ahem. Still, you can't blame your son for wanting those socks, or for being very clever in his persuasiveness.

Patti said...

Boys are much easier when it comes to fashion, so once in a while I don't mind splurging.

Deniz Bevan said...

Heh, my family have been known to buy stuff just cos it's made in Turkey, too. We were so excited when Mavi jeans came to Montreal!

LTM said...

he's paying attention! I think it's cool that he chose your soft spot to help get his socks. :D so far, I've avoided clothing issues like these. We're still tracking down obscure toys... :p said...

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