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I'm busy with the Crusader Challenge and my google reader is about to explode. I need to find a way to organize all the new blogs I'm following. (Any tips appreciated!)

Meanwhile, Blogger is making me insane with all its convoluted words. I feel like I'm on a scavenger hunt for rss feeds and follower buttons. So since I've been meaning to write about labyrinths, today felt appropriate. :)

The maze is a traditional symbol for finding the divine or the self. We authors take characters through a labyrinth each time we give them a goal to accomplish or a MacGuffin (thanks, Matt :D) to locate. 

Underground cities, castle dungeons, serpentine streets, yellow brick roads...all of them work well and lots of writers (including me) use them at particularly difficult moments in a character arc. Movie directors like them too because true labyrinths are visually striking. My favorite is aptly titled Labyrinth, with David Bowie and Jennifer Connelly. I just thought I'd share the particularly poignant lyrics of the movie song, Within You. It illustrates both the internal and external labyrinths of the story.

How you turn my world

You precious thing.
You starve and near exhaust me.

Everything I've done,
I've done for you.

I move the stars for no one.

You've run so long.
You've run so far.

Your eyes can be so cruel,
Just as I can be so cruel,

Oh I do believe in you.
Yes I do.

Live without your sunlight.
Love without your heartbeat.

I... I...
Can't.. live.. within.. you...

I can't live within you

I...I..Can't live within you

And here's the visual, Escheresque stairs and all...

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Sarah said...

AAAH! That is my favorite song from one of my favorite movies. I think I was in jr. high when it came out and I was so fascinated with the entire concept of it. And that song ... whoa. Cheesy ... perhaps. But I don't care. Thanks for the memory!

Trisha said...

Finally I get to see this entry! :D

Like I said, I am a freak for the Labyrinth and I adore the soundtrack! ;)

Misha Gerrick said...

Hmmm... interesting idea post.

I've never thought of it, but my stories do have some sort of maze involved.


Creepy Query Girl said...

Oh I loved labrynth and it sounds like the challenge is just that! I don't have any google tips. Once I went over 500 blogs I stopped using google reader and just scan every once in awhile. Goodluck!

Sarah McCabe said...

I remember having a game as a kid called Labyrinth where there was a maze in a box and you had to tilt the box around to get a little metal ball through the maze without falling into a bunch of holes. I was terrible at it, but I've been fascinated with labyrinths ever since. I know I'm going to have to fit one into my work somewhere.

And I love that movie! Who doesn't swoon for David Bowie as the Goblin King?

Carolyn V said...

Labyrinths is awesome. And I must admit, I heart David Bowie.

I always feel like I'm taking my characters through a labyrinth when I write. Great analogy.

Avo said...

I had mine sorted into a "priority" folder, and an "other" folder and a couple thematic folders (foodblogs, webcomics)... "Priority" being the ones I especially cared about for one reason or another. And "other" being the ones I was less interested in...

Eventually, I simply deleted most the "other" folder. Not that these weren't lovely bloggers for the most part, they were, it's just matter of streamlining life.

I gradually went from 600+ blogs to a comfortable cruising speed of about 114.

But I go for radical solutions, being a surfer person (not really), what do you expect. ; p

That said, I still have those two folders, but mostly the priority one is just where I keep blogs I want to read or comment on swiftly, whilst the other is the one where I keep those I feel can/ or should wait few days.
You might have fun watching the nostalgia chick's review of Labyrinth:

Old Kitty said...

Oh I do like taking characters through their own personal labyrinths (well ok, mine are abit simple at the moment - any more complicated and I won't be able to help them find their way out!! LOL!). Awww this song brings back so many memories, thank you!!

I have no idea how to organise google reader!!!! Absolutely none!! I am so sorry!!!

Take care

Jules said...

I heart David Bowie as well. And yes glad this made it up. If you figure out how to organize that reader let me know :)
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

Carol Riggs said...

Sigh. I adore that movie. I heart Escher too, so that is even more cool. Fond memories!

Colene Murphy said...

I love all things Labyrinth(movie and thing) AWESOME post. Now I want to watch the movie...oh gosh. Love.

Hart Johnson said...

I love labyrinths. My first book actually has an old silver mine featured in the climax and part of the lead up is a 'fairy tale' about someone having to retrieve something from a labyrinth (and a five-year-old then having labyrinth nightmares).

I also love Bowie... I had a serious crush in college on a boy who had Bowies mouth--I used to just stare at it, mesmerized... it's crooked, but symetrically and so appealing (and just a little naughty)

LTM said...

omg--LOL! I totally forgot about that movie. *sigh* lurv David Bowie... :D Miss him in movies. He did so much cool-freaky stuff in the 80s.

Also love that picture. I have a hay maze in Debut Novel, and something unexpected happens in it... :D There I go again!

Unknown said...

I totally agree with the blogging schedule and irritation about finding the rss buttons. I love the MacGuffin thing. Great post.

Missed Periods said...

I can't believe I have never seen that movie. Pan's Labyrinth, however, is one of my favorites.


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