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A political map of the en:Near East in 1135 CE...Image via WikipediaFYI: There's a contest near the bottom of this post! Enter to win a signed copy of Across the Universe by Beth Revis.

Some of you may have noticed there's a new badge on my sidebar. I'm part of The Rachael Harrie Writers' Platform Building Crusade. Yup! I'm a crusader! Kind of fitting for me, don't you think? With me writing about crusader states and all?
Don't know what a crusader state is? Ooo..lovely idea for a post just popped in! (I'm not as talented as the Monty Python crew, but I'll give it a go.)

Crusader States:
An unofficial guide to your pilgrimage

Your travels will take you along the Mediterranean coast, through many crusader states to the Kingdom of Jerusalem. Crusader states are supported by the Pope and his peeps for your safety. You will pass dangerously close to the Assassins (between Antioch and Tripoli), so please stick to the designated road and try not to get sick along the way. Crusader castles are not made for fairy princesses. They are drafty, stone fortresses designed to keep out the locals enemies. And the knights are pretty busy with that, so even though they're called the Hospitallers, odds aren't in your favor.
Let's visit one, shall we?

Here we have Yilankale, in the lovely Principality of Armenia.

Why's it ni named for a snake?
Oh, there's some local tale about a ni pagan serpent queen...Shahmeran or something... Don't worry, we've got it ni under control. Anyway, they killed her in ni Tarsus a while back. What ni did you say? You heard that her daughters are ni pissed? might want to stay away from the ni vipers in your complementary ni  fruit basket. Ni.

Sorry, couldn't resist a kinigit opportunity. :)

AND for those of you who suffered through my insanity today...I have a nice surprise! Beth Revis was at my WNBA (Women's National Book Association) meeting this week and I have a signed copy of Across the Universe to GIVE AWAY!


1. You must be a follower.
2. In a comment below, name another interesting castle in Turkey - doesn't have to be from the crusades - can be in ruins. Try not to use one someone else used. I've written about several and there are a few clues right on this page.

I'll announce the winner next Wednesday! Good luck!

And for those who want to appreciate Ni again:

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Anonymous said...

Wow! A fellow crusader in Istanbul. I love Istanbul and all of Turkey. We spent several weeks in Western Turkey a few years back, and didn't get enough time in Istanbul. I've promised my partner I'll take her back once she takes me to Paris. See you on the crusade!

Sarah said...

I love the things I learn on this blog--and I especially love the pictures. Oh, and I was wondering what that #amcrusading thing was about. Thanks, Carolyn!

Rachael Harrie said...

Hey Carolyn, love your guided tour, very entertaining :) This Crusade is shaping up to be some awesome fun!



Jules said...

Carry on crusader! My castle Anadoluhisar. No I cheated and Googled one :)

Have a great weekend :D
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

Sarah said...

In my family we love ruined castles. We've visited all the local ones (there are lots in the south of France) and the ones where my mother was brought up in south Wales. Love them!

Another castle in Turkey is Anavarsa Castle, 50 miles from Adana.

Marieke said...

Yay, Monty Python! (I'm sorry, I'm in a random state of mind and unable to think of anything more profound than that :) )

Old Kitty said...

I love the Knights of Ni ala Monty Python!!!! Brilliant!!!!

Yay for you Crusading - You Go Girrrl!!!! Take care

Tanya Reimer said...

Veru coll site. Welcome to the crusade.

Shari said...

That castle is VERY cool. I love your unofficial guide to the pilgrimage. AWESOME!

Carol Riggs said...

Hiya, buddy crusader! I'm making the rounds today and checking out your blog. Nice to meet you, and Happy Friday! :)

Artzicarol Ramblings

Hart Johnson said...

Oh, this was fabulous! I got to learn something and then cackle madly when you started sayin NI! So if one were a Shrubber, would it be safe to assume it might be easier to get by the Assassins? That castle ruin though, is FABULOUS!

Deniz Bevan said...

Hey there fellow crusader! You must bring us... a shrubbery!
Just to be fun, I'm going to go with the Kale in Bodrum, even though I've never seen it because, come to think of it, I don't think I've visited any of the castles in Turkey! Or wait, does Rumeli Hisari count?

LTM said...

I absolutely LOVE that photo!! THAT'S what I'm thinking of when Sybil and Haydon are underground and they get pushed in... to be non-spoilerish... :D And you go, crusader girl! I'll attempt to stay well and not get off the beaten path~ <3

KatOwens: Insect Collector said...

Hey fellow crusader! Love your posts, and your work sounds SO interesting. Can't wait to get to know you better.
After Googling I found the castle Harput. Really lovely!

Chantele Sedgwick said...

Hi fellow crusader! It's nice to meet you!! Your work sounds awesome. Can't wait to get to know you better!

Zan Marie said...

Hi fellow crusader! Do I ever know what a Crusader State is! I have multiple history degrees and specialized in the Middle Ages. Your blog rocks!

Sharde(Shar-day) said...

Hi Crusader. I'm making the rounds and wanted to drop in to meet you. Will be back soon as I have a ton of Crusaders to visit.

Adriana said...

Loved this, learned a lot, have never been to Turkey and have no idea about castles. Fellow Crusader, looking forward!

Tony Benson said...

Hello crusader - pleased to meet you. Turkey fascinates me, but I've never been there. So much amazing cultural history. We have a Turkish friend here in the UK so maybe we'll go there sometime.

Margo Benson said...

Greetings fellow crusader! I'm a new follower and really enjoy looking and learning on your blog.

Regina said...

What a wonderful post and beautiful picture. Fellow crusader also following. Looking forward to more crusading posts.

lotusgirl said...

I can't tell you how many times I've watched the Knights who say Ni. I have passed on the love to my children. Good luck to all those in the contest for Beth's book. No need to put my name in. I already have 2 copies.

Rachele Alpine said...

Hello! I'm in your crusader group and wanted to stop by! I decided to do some researching of my own on castles and googled Castles in Turkey. I'm sharing the Alanya Castle as the one I found because it looks beautiful! I hope I made it in time to enter the contest...I haven't gotten my hands on ACROSS THE UNIVERSE yet and am dying to read it! I'm looking forward to hanging out at your blog more! :)


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