Monday, October 10, 2011

Ismail YK

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I made a new Facebook friend the other day.
Her request popped up in the inbox. She wasn't friends with anyone I knew and I couldn't see much from her page without accepting her friendship. 

Instead of my usual "ignore", I wavered for a few days. Something just told me to click accept. Then I waited.

The next day, Leena from Finland sent me a message. She gushed about my post on Ferhat Göçer - which is apparently the only post about him in English.

I was so tickled. I'm actually reaching people. My message - Turkey is really amazing - is getting out there. People are finding my site.

So in Leena's honor, I thought I'd post about another Turkish singer I enjoy, Ismail YK. 

Ismail YK is a TCK, a Turk from Germany. TCKs like to mix things up, and dance club mixes are hot in Turkey.

Europeans and young Turks hit the beach clubs, waterside clubs, any clubs you can think of, all summer long. I'm absolutely sure they go home with tons of Turkish hits in their heads. Music has a certain way of transporting you back to another place and time. Who wouldn't want to remember a steamy summer night on the Turkish riviera?

So Ismail YK has several hits: was kind of funny. He goes on and on about this girl with a perfect figure, but in the end, she's annoying. Baz Gaza (Step On It) had a cool rap/reggae feel (and more sirens in the video). Then there's Şappur Şuppur. Let's just say he's got a bit of a bad boy style and there are always plenty of pretty girls in his clips.

And yet, there's usually a hillarious, self-effacing quip - like his father telling him not to come home and spitting in the phone at him. (It's a Turkish/Arabic thing. Kind of like: "Ptoo"on you, you unworthy bastard.)  He shows a goofy, sweet side in some of his other songs, along with plenty of more traditional lyrics. His brilliance lies in some great dance tracks with a blend of roots (ie arabesque and rap).

Check out his latest (just the music):


Old Kitty said...

Well he look smoulderingly gorgeous here!! (Can't listen to his song as I'm at work at the moment - so am just drooling over his pic instead! Yay!) Take care

Sarah said...

Congratulations on extending your reach. I know I learn something every time I come here. I also appreciate the soundtrack while I type this comment!

Connie Keller said...

I look forward to listening--I'm giving a test right so now's not a good idea.

Southpaw said...

Very cool. It's nice that your love of Turkey is drawing people in.

Golden Eagle said...

He sounds like an interesting singer!

Thanks for posting the video.

Carolyn V said...

Wow. That's pretty cool. I admire musicians that can have a variety of emotions in their music and it seems that he does a great job at that. =) said...

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